The cocktail hour at our reception was anything but boring. No one was left on the sidelines waiting for something to happen. With Stryker there, the magic was already happening!

Wedding Magic – it’s practically redundant.

Memorable weddings set themselves apart by adding the right personal touches, especially the kind that highlight the couple’s unique personality. Imagine a cocktail hour that gets rolling from the moment your first guest arrives. Imagine even your most reserved guests having the time of their lives. That’s what wedding magic is all about.

Stryker’s interactive wedding magic and mind-reading delivers entertainment and hospitality in one. Make your guests feel welcome by keeping them engaged in a memorable way, or add the perfect pre-toast entertainment or grand entrance with a personal touch. Stryker has the experience and personality to bring your guests together while blending right in. Leave them with an unbelievable memory of what matters most – your big day.

 Your magical day is about to get even more magical.