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Stryker’s strolling entertainment is high-impact and stress-free: professional, interactive, and designed to make you look good. Stryker mingles with guests and performs jaw-dropping sleight-of-hand and mind reading that will leave them speechless but keep them talking.

Their hands are his stage. Strolling entertainment is the perfect way to break the ice and bring people together. Stryker moves from group to group, from table to table, and will make your event fun, welcoming, and memorable!

Stryker’s magic and mentalism is art for the 21st century: he defies natural laws with ordinary objects like borrowed rings, iPhones, and ballpoint pens. He engages audiences by asking them to think of information that only they would know, but somehow, he knows too. Stryker’s performance style is friendly and fully interactive. Spectators take part in the action – holding objects, choosing numbers, and helping to create unique situations.

They’re going to be impressed.

Stryker knows how to impress.
my guests were completely blown away.
— Doug payne, partner, equitas investments
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 Are you ready to entertain your guests like never before?